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Starting from 7$ . Access to the Indonesian stock market. And advanced features to enhance your investment.

Investasi rutin untuk semua investor

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Be a freedom investor with guaranteed privacy. Control your investments independently. And your personal information remains safe.

Investasi rutin untuk semua investor

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24/7 service provides non-stop convenience and accessibility, ensuring we are ready to help whenever you need it, even in the middle of the night or on holidays.

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4 Types of Stock Accounts

MNC Sekuritas Indonesia


Buying and selling fees 0.1815%/0.2815%

  • Penalty interest 0.1334%/day
  • Loan funds/margin limit 3x cash
  • Forced Sell T+4
  • All shares can be traded


Buying and selling fees 0.1815%/0.2815%

  • Loan funds/margin limit 2x cash
  • Penalty interest 0.05%/day or 18%/year
  • Forced sell margin ratio >65%
  • Only shares in the margin stock index can be traded

Day Trade

Buying and selling fees (negotiable)

  • Loan funds/margin limit 3x cash
  • No penalty interest
  • Forced sell at 15.30 WIB
  • Only shares in the LQ45 index can be traded


Buying and selling fees 0.1815%/0.2815%

  • There are no loan funds/margin limits, no penalty interest
  • Only shares in the sharia stock index can be traded

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Frequently asked questions

PT MNC Sekuritas (“MNC Sekuritas” or the “Company”) is a securities company that was founded in 1989 and is under the auspices of PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk and has now developed into a local securities company that is committed to responding to the needs of the Indonesian people.

It is important for investors to choose securities with a large net working capital so that they can invest calmly without worrying that the securities are at risk of going bankrupt. The good news is that MNC Sekuritas’ net working capital as of January 2022 will reach IDR 400 billion.

MNC Sekuritas is actively registered as a member of the stock exchange and is supervised by the OJK.

For security and convenience in transactions, we are committed to providing a superior trading platform with safe data protection.

Buying fee 0.18%, selling 0.28% all in.

For example, if you buy 1 lot of shares worth 1 million, the purchase fee is 0.18% x 1 million USD = USD 1,800. Total cash paid was USD 1,001,800 (share value 1 million and purchase fee 1,800).

Minimum initial deposit of 7$. This is only for the initial deposit in the future, if you want to add funds starting from 1$, it doesn’t have to be as big as at the beginning and can be withdrawn. The customer transfers the initial deposit after the account is active and obtains an investor account number, the deposit funds are transferred to the customer’s own investor account.

The first step is to fill in the account opening form. If you have a BCA, BRI, or Sinarmas account, you can register online by filling in the online form. You only need to input data and upload all the requirements then wait for the process. Apart from these 3 accounts, you must fill out a physical form and have a stamped signature, also prepare a copy of the Passport requirements, and Bank Account Statement.

Register by filling in the online form. The process takes around 2 to 3 working days until you receive an account approval email containing user ID, PIN password, investor account number, and others.

With MOTIONTRADE Apps customers can transact shares anytime and anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. Motiontrade is equipped with features that make it easier for you to transact shares, namely Automatic Order, Fast Order, Multi Chart, and others.

The MNC Securities share account can not only be used for stock transactions but also for mutual fund transactions on the MOTIONTRADE platform (app dan web based).

Customers can access the MNC Securities YouTube Channel, there are many tutorials on using Motiontrade as well as investment tips videos. Apart from that, customers can take part in regular free webinars with various discussion topics. Latest Live YouTube Morning Meeting with the MNC Sekuritas analyst team and research team during the stock exchange day at 8.10 WIB in the morning until finished.